Getting Results: Building a Data-Driven Presentation

Our client wanted to give healthcare professionals (HCPs) an opportunity to interact with their brand, and they wanted to answer HCPs’ technical questions in a setting that didn’t feel promotional. We wanted to foster a more academic discussion than would the standard promotional activity. And we succeeded.

In this space, individual prescribers are an essential part of the market share. Our client’s product was well known but was not being used as early as possible in most HCPs’ treatment algorithms. HCPs must have confidence in the products they prescribe, believing in and understanding the safety and efficacy of each treatment in their arsenal. We had to ensure that HCPs understood our client’s product well enough to prescribe it earlier in the treatment process. 

Our program leveraged customized tactics to anticipate questions and keep the discussion flowing. It allowed HCPs to draw their own conclusions and take home a more accurate and positive appreciation of our client’s product. We more than fulfilled client expectations. We surpassed them!


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