Adapt and achieve: helping a new division define itself

When a company is just starting out, it needs help. It needs direction. It needs a game plan. It needs experience-driven policy. A new client had just parted from its parent company and was running its business on inertia and improvisation. Two new departments were in dire need of guidance, so they came to us.

Our clients were unfamiliar with their new space, and their internal teams had not yet been fleshed out. They knew FORCE’s reputation, and they wanted us to show them the way. Our primary goal was to develop guiding tactics for their employees, 1 for each new department.

Strategy and execution guidance is difficult to formulate in any situation; this is especially true when a client is still in its initial growth stage, just starting to define ownership and leadership roles. Speed bumps occur during any project. At FORCE, we recognize this and make it our mission to adapt to new situations and always lead with science as we innovate solutions. We worked with the client as they expanded and honed their vision for their new departments.

We were patient and responsive. After intense internal scrutiny, we created the exact deliverable that our client needed to succeed in their market. The client was overwhelmed by our thoroughness and ended up with a deliverable that presented them with clear and succinct goals and guidance.


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