Crafting a Journey, Delivering an Experience

Published on June 12, 2018

Each client wants us to go above and beyond to forge a unique experience. One client asked us to create an advisory board meeting that gathered a large group of thought leaders to discuss important supporting product information before launch. They needed it to be an experience, an adventure. They needed something that the thought leaders would never forget. And we delivered.

To keep the thought leaders involved and excited at the advisory board meeting, we infused unique elements into the journey by incorporating activities that inspired and energized the thought leaders and built a sense of community. We engaged them and gained their insights in a fresh and innovative way.

The meeting was a huge hit. Both the client and the thought leaders raved about the entire experience. People learn when they are engaged and feel valued, and that was our goal. We created an interactive event for these participants, and both they and the client left with strong insights and amazing memories to share with their peers.


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